New i7 system, suggestions needed!!

I am trying to build a new pc after 6 years. Here is what I have chosen. Let me know what do you think of it

Processor: Intel i7 920

MoBo: Intel x58SO

RAM: 2x2 4GB DDR3 1600MHZ

GraphicsCard: XFX ATI HD4850 512MB


PSU 550Watts ThermalTech

Is it good? The thing is, only x58SO and XFX x58i mobo available here. Still no Asus or Gigabyte. So dont have any choice. And Cant buy ATI 4870 X2 because its too much pricey for me. Please make suggestions.
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  1. Get a better PSU. Antec Earthwatts, Corsair, Seasonic.

    More info would help; click the link in my sig.
  2. Planing to get a better PSU later. What performance will i get from 'Core i7' and 'intel x58so' and DDR3 1600MHZ ram?
  3. get 3 x 1gb ddr3 1333mhz , BTW it won't bottleneck your games also save 50 or more for 1-2 new games :D

    I'd recommend to wait for the price slash for 4850 and 4870 :)

    GL HF
  4. Isn't it good to have 1600mhz ram??? isnt it faster, please tell me, thanks for the reply.
  5. 1600mhz ram will be faster if you OC enough, but you have chosen dual channel ram. i7 uses triple channel. So you will want 3x1gb or 3x2gb at whatever mhz you can afford.

    Also, I would give serious thought to changing the PSU now. A crap PSU can take your entire system with it if it decides to die on you.
  6. Thank you for the reply, But if i buy another stick later will that be fine?? parts are expensive at my place, 2gb ddr3 costs 70$ here. Please suggest. Will i face any troubles if i use dual channel ram for now???
  7. I'm not sure how dual channel will perform on x58, but if you do try it make sure whatever ram you get is low enough voltage (1.5-1.65). A lot of the older 2gb DDR3 had voltages higher than x58 was designed for. I think your best bet would be to go for a 3x1 DDR3 triple channel kit.

    Also if you tell us where "Here" is and where you are buying from, we may be able to find something for you.
  8. yes its 1.5 volts
  9. Intel Mobo x58so Is good enough?? or should i go for another??
  10. Well the only x58 mainboards i would recommend are Asus/Gigabyte. But you stated you can't get them. What other options for boards do you have?
  11. I have another choice that is XFX'x x58i mobo
  12. I don't think either of them are great, but they should both do fine. I don't like the Intel's non-standard layout, so that gives the advantage to XFX.

    Then again, neither of them seem to have a lot of reviews and XFX is rated kinda low on Newegg. That doesn't usually mean much, but I would look into each board more and base your decision from some reviews if you can find them.
  13. DIMM ram means dual channel??
  14. jeehan said:
    DIMM ram means dual channel??

    No, dual channel just means it uses two identical DIMMs at the same time. Triple channel will use three at the same time. So in theory, dual channel is faster then single channel, and triple channel faster still.
  15. Thank you so much for your replies. And if i use 3 stick of Dimm will it work as triple channel ram??
  16. If they are the same sticks then yes it will work well. (If i am not mistaken they will work as long as they are the same spec, voltage, timings, etc. but I don't know enough to say for sure).

    If you were thinking of getting 2x2gb now and adding a third later it should work as long as that third is the same stick.

    I still like the triple channel kits to be sure. The difference between 3-4gb isn't going to be noticeable in gaming, only in very demanding applications.
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