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I am overclocking and my computer crashed, so I reset the cmos and still had trouble getting into windows. Should I also unplug the computer from the power cable or turn off the power switch on the back of the computer? I think yes, but I want other people's input from their experiences overclocking.
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  1. If you're oc'ing and experience a crash wouldn't you want to go into bios first?
  2. I do that when the computer can do it, but this time I couldn't get into it. I unplug the machine and reset the cmos and then it works. I'm guessing that unplugging it is what helps. :)
  3. Generally you can just switch off the PSU, and reset the CMOS. But yeah, I've noticed occasionally the whole thing needs to lose power.

    However, overclocking the PC shouldn't cause that much trouble unless you're either really really pushing it, or it's just not a very stable system. I can't guess how much knowledge you have in overclocking, but if this is your first time, I highly recommend reading more about it before possibly killing your system. In OCing my i5 750 I almost never had to reset CMOS.
  4. That's interesting you mention rarely having to reset your CMOS. I have read a lot about overclocking. What I was doing is raising the multiplier by .5, running Prime 95, and then if it crashed I would hopefully get back into the BIOS and load the defaults and then go back into the OS and raise the voltage by one step and test it. Then if it passed, I would raise the multiplier again by .5 and test it again. I am running an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE with a Biostar TA785G3 mobo. How much were you able to overclock yours?
  5. Ah well different systems can behave differently. My ASUS P7P55D Pro mobo was pretty much always able to recover from a bad OC so I could get into BIOS. I think once or twice I got into an infinite reboot loop so then I just powered down and reset.

    I only bothered doing up to 4ghz, but I've fooled around with getting the highest OC with turbo boost enabled. Right now I just leave it at 177 base clock, for 3.7ghz->4.25ghz turbo but I can do up to about 180 base clock.
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