Why would my ATI X800 XT recognize my dell 3007wfp as max 1280x800 res

Just built a new system, and had an old ATI X800XT card from my last build. I figured I would use the x800xt for the time being and save up for a very nice card instead of just buying a discount priced card to go in this system....

but ever since I installed it I havent been able to increase the res past 1280x800. When I originally installed XP I could increase it to 1920x1200 but the desktop would be larger than the monitor and would just pan. Then I just installed vista and I cant even increase any res past 1280x800. In the ATI Catalyst control center it recognizes that I have a Delll 3007wfp but it listes the "Maximum Reported Resolution" as 1280x800. Ive installed and reinstalled the dell and ati drivers, and have tried for a small time to use a program like Refresh Force and Powerstrip to force the resolution past that, with no luck at all. Even using powerstrip (which recognizes that the monitors top res is 2560x1600) to create my own driver and replace the dell driver, but Ive basically run out of possible solutions.

The strange thing is, on my old build with the same video card and different mobo (im currently using an ASUS P5QSE Plus), i had no issues with the resolution of this monitor.

on a prayer Im going to try and install windows 7 tonight or tomorrow and hope it magically allows me to set the correct resolution.
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  1. Are you using a dual-link DVI cable?
  2. cjl said:
    Are you using a dual-link DVI cable?


    random thought but it wouldnt make a difference if I used my the other dual-link dvi cable i have to connect would it? i use the current cable all the time on my macbook pro to run that at 2560x1600
  3. It shouldn't make any difference as long as it is a true dual link.

    Have you tried a new video driver?
  4. Just check the DVI cable and the DVI ports on both the Dell and the Radeon XT. I'm guessing if you started having these problems with your new system, but using the same monitor and video card, then perhaps a pin is bent, dirt got on the connector, or the DVI cable is damaged. I'm thinking the video card itself is working just fine, but somehow it's not recognizing you're monitor as capable of it's true output.
  5. i suppose thats possible, though I just switched the one i had in which is pretty new with an older one and it didnt change anything, though maybe I need to uninstall and reinstall the catalyst drivers to get that to recognize or something
  6. Does dell have a driver for you monitor? try installing the ati drivers w/o catalyst software, then installing the dell monitor drivers.

    As a side note i've installed windows 7 on my media server. it has a ab9-pro, q6600 and a ati x800xl. windows 7 beta actually has a wddm driver built into it.
  7. Have you had any lock with this? I just bought a Dell 3007wfp monitor and am running Windows 7 with the same result... cany get over 1280x800 resolution driven from a Dell Lattitude E4300 with an e-port plus adapter that should drive it to 2560x1600
  8. I have the same issue: Radeon x800 GT with my 30" Dell monitor limits my resolution to 1280 x 800. My 20" Dell as secondary works at 1600 x 1200.

    It appears Dell may have a driver for their 30" monitors (I have 3007WFP HC), but the link on the dell site is broken. I've never needed the driver before, and with other video cards I did not have this limited resolution. It must be an issue with the Radeon x800.
  9. I have the same problem. Brand new Dell PC. 30" monitor. My 24" has no problem at max resolution, but the 30" is stuck at 1280x800. (same cables, and the video card is advertized on dell's website to support 2x30" at max resolution. I updated my driver on the dell website for both the monitor and the card, no avail. If you find a solution, let me know!!
  10. I found out through some other posts that this has to do with the DVI connection and whether it is "dual-link" or not. The x800 cards are apparently not dual-link and therefor cannot run the Dell 30" monitor which apparently requires a dual-link DVI connection to run at full resolution. Without dual-link the Dell 30" monitor only runs in a maximum 1280x800.

    Its odd that the 30" has this limitation. I would understand that it couldn't run at maximum resolution without dual-link, but why wouldn't it be able to run at least as well as a comparable 20" or 24" monitor with the same connection. Wierd.

    Conclusion: Replace that x800 with a newer video card - the monitor is really awesome when it is at full resolution.
  11. It can't be the card because my card worked fine with my Dell 30" running XP Pro. It only stopped working when I installed Win7. I think it's Win7 that doesn't support the monitor or the card.
  12. Same problem with my PC (Win7, 64bit):

    - one 30'' (Samsung 305T) connected via DVI: no desktop! (it seems that the 305T is unable to run 1280x800)

    - one 30'' (prim.) and 22'': no problem, both monitors a best resolution (2560x1600, 1680x1050)

    With Vista (64bit) and XP SP3 everything was ok!
  13. I developed the same problem after moving to a new office. Sounds dumb, but my solution was to switch the cable around, taking what was plugged into the video card, and plug that end into the monitor, and vice versa. 2650 x 1600 came back immediately. (Windows 7 32 bit)
  14. I finally figured mine out. Had the same problem. Hooked up the Dell 3007WFP monitor and couldn't figure out why I couldn't see the Alienware POST screen, but when it booted up, I could see the Windows OS and couldn't get a resolution over 1280x800. Once I figugure out there was a difference between a DVI cable and a Dual Link DVI cable (sometimes called a DVI-DL connector), it was cake from there. Plugged the right cable in between the computer and monitor and it was golden. Thanks to cjl!
  15. Did you find the solution?? I am using a brand new Laptop Aspire 8930G with W7 64bit, and nVIDIA 9700M which supports 2x2560x1440 supposedly. I have a dell 3007WFP, and the cable is certainly an HDMI - DVI-DL (Dual Link) adaptor (comes out from the laptop as HDMI reaches the screen as DVI-DL).

    The maximum resolution i can select is 1280x800 px, if i select show all reslutions in advanced properties i can get up to 1920x1080 but still not the native resolution of my monitor... please someone help me!!

  16. Well...I'm not one to post usually but I very much feel the pain of ANYONE trying to get the Dell 3007WFP to work at 2560x1600. I have to say tho that once you get it to work...its worth it...simply beautifu!

    1st...You MUST have a video card that supports dual link conenctions because the 3007WFP requires that to even light up. So if the monitor isnt lighting up, you probably need a new video card. Mind you I went out and got something REALLY super cheap (Zotac?!) but it said it supported dual link and supported 2560x1600 so I got it (Zotac 9800 GT 1 GB off of but seriously...all you need is any video card capable of dual link and 2560x1600)

    2nd...Its all digital so yer 15 pin vga port will not dont even try to make it work...because its a waste of time and a total exercise in futility. Believe it...I tried...very hard to make it work.

    3rd...The cable MUST be a Dual Link cable. If it doesnt say dual link on will not get past the 1280x800 resolution. Now I got hung up on the DVI port on the video card. Its a DVI-I port, but here's the kicker...DVI-D works on DVI-I! So with that said...go buy a DVI-D male to DVI-D male dual link cable. You may need to reboot yer computer to get the DVI port on yer video card to 'spin up' meaning turn yer computer off...plug the cable into the monitor and video card then turn it back on. At that point you should get video, and when you log into windows the 2560x1600 resolution should be available at that point.

    I'm writing this post on the 3007WFP @ 2560x1600 with the box I just bought for the 10' DVI-D male to DVI-D male dual link cable still laying on the floor...go buy it and make yer life simple.
  17. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4300 using a DVI-D on Windows 7 64bit. I had no problem getting 2560x1600 when I had XP but CANNOT get it on Windows 7 64bit. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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