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I have a problem with overclocking my q6600. I can get stable 3,0Ghz with default voltges but I want more. When I set 3,4Ghz (380x9) with DDRAM Speed 1:1.00 and voltages:

CPU Core Voltage - 1,4800
DDR Voltage - 2.1V
CPU VTT Voltaeg 1.2
ICH 1,50
MCH 1,25
CPU GTLREF - 63,8%

I still get errors while running Prime95. The "Fatal error" occurs almost instantly (or after 3-4secconds)

What voltages would you recommend to set?

My Bios looks like this:

My rig:

Abit IP35-3
2Gb ram 800mhz 4-4-4-12 and 1gb 5-5-5-15
Chieftec 450w
Cooling - Scythe Mugen 2


I set

CPU Core Voltage - 1,5200
DDR Voltage - 2.0V
CPU VTT Voltaeg 1.2375
ICH 1,60
MCH 1,33

Ram 5-5-5-15

And I always almost intantly get

FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 8.796093022e+012, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

at worker 2.
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  1. You need more voltage to the core bro 1.3 isn't going to cut it
  2. I suspect that your problem could be tied to your mixed memory. Try pulling the slower module. If that works, put it back in, set the timing to 6-6-6-18, set the RAM voltage to 2.2 volts, and see what happens.
  3. Ok, I put the 1gb module and it SEEMED to work fine at 3.2ghz. I mean i left everything default and only bumped a little bit core voltage and it didn't crash at the beginning at it used to.

    Then I put this module back again and set timings to 6-6-6-18 and ram voltage to 2.2. My computer wouldn't event start.

    Now I'm testing 3,2Ghz at these settings

    timings 5-5-5-15 at 1:1,0

    CPU Core Voltage - 1,34
    DDR Voltage - 2.1V
    CPU VTT Voltage 1.2375
    ICH 1,5
    MCH 1,33
    CPU GTLREF - 67%

    At least it's not crashing at the very beginning but i have to test it for a couple of hours. Anyway I will want to get to 3,4 or even 3,6 - what settings would you recommend? And do you think that replacing this 1gb cl5 to another cl4 would change anything?
  4. Failed. I pulled the slower modul away and set:


    Timings - default

    CPU Core Voltage - 1,36
    DDR Voltage - 2.1V
    CPU VTT Voltage 1.2375
    ICH 1,5
    MCH 1,33
    CPU GTLREF - 67%

    And had:

    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
    Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

    Please help cause I don't know what to do...
  5. Ok. I set everythink like above except:

    Vtt - ~1,3
    MCH - 1,41

    And Core 2 failed after ~1hour 20mins giving me the same error. I've played games and stuff and all seems to be stable. Is it normal that sometimes one core fails but it won't affect the system itself? I mean not always my CPU is on full load for 1h...

    (btw the seccond core failed after almost exact time with these settings but with 3,2Ghz)
  6. Your issue certainly seems to be with the memory. The question now is whether its worth it to you to buy a good set of DDR2, or just use the computer at 3.0GHz until you can get something better. You might even want to just run the 2GB stick(s) and try overclocking to 3.2-3.4 with just it.
  7. I'm running with only two stickcs (I pulled away this 1gb knigston stick and left 2x1024 Patriot LLK 800 CL4). I runned memtest for all night and had no errors.
  8. So whats the current setup then?
  9. 3,0ghz (333x9)
    Timings - default

    2x1024 Patriot LLK 80Mhz, CL4

    FSB:RAM 1:1

    CPU Core Voltage - 1,36
    DDR Voltage - 2.1V
    CPU VTT Voltage 1.3
    ICH 1,5
    MCH 1,41
    CPU GTLREF - 67%
    (second worker failed after ~1h20min)

    But a weird thing - from what I remember with the same fsb but all voltages at defaults, it lasted 3h.... Got to check it again. So do you still think it's my RAM ?
  10. Try the more normal 3.2GHz OC. 400MHz * 8 multiplier, with the 1:1 memory ratio like your using. Leave the memory at 2.1v, but set the timings down to 5-5-5-15 or 18. You should also probably bump the Vcore up to 1.4. I thought you had it at 1.45, but I guess not.
  11. Ok. I will try with the settings you suggested. MCH leave at 1,41 and VTT Voltage at 1.3 ?

    Oh, and should I disable this power saving options like C1E and EIST or it doesn't matter?
  12. I would leave those voltages alone for now, and the sleep states shouldn't matter. Many people disable them, more while your in the process of OCing so you don't encounter anything odd.
  13. I did exactly like you said and it failer after 5 mins... I'll try to bump voltge a little bit and set ram to 5-5-5-18
  14. I bumbed Core Voltage to 1,44, VTT to 1.2375 and MCH to 1.29 and it failed almost instantly.

    Is it something wrong with the CPU or Motherboard? Or maybe, even memtest didn't show any errors, it's RAM ?
  15. Why did the VTT and MCH voltages change? Those are both lower then you reported before. If you bump the Vcore up to 1.45, and it fails even faster, whats the CPU cooler your using? What temps are you getting?
  16. I'm using Scythe Mugen 2 - temps on full load are max 67 with bumped up core voltage. I'll try with higher VTT and MCH later.

    Anyway - I set everything to defaults only fsb 375*8 - 3ghz (without bumping up voltages) and it worked stable in prime95 for 2h. After 2hours I shut it down because I'll probably never have all cores on full load for that long. Temps were from 37-60

    I'll try later 3,2Ghz with higher Core Voltage, VTT, MCH and ram and let you know how it worked.
  17. Disabled Cool n Quiet C1E
  18. Ok. A little update. I set:

    CPU Core Voltage - 1,36
    DDR Voltage - 2.2V
    CPU VTT Voltaeg 1.3
    ICH 1,50
    MCH 1,41
    CPU GTLREF - 67%

    And prime failed after 12mins BUT OCCT lastet for almost 30 mins (then I had to leave). And the question is - which is more reliable? Prime or OCCT ?
  19. If it failed its not stable. Try 1.4 or 1.45?
  20. Ok. I will but later this day
  21. you need to up your VTT voltage more.
    The CPU Voltage should be fine - i have mine at 1.38v for a 3.34ghz.
    My VTT is @ 1.45v though x) :lol:
  22. thats what i was going to suggest.....needs moaahh POWWAHHH!!!!!! more voltage the higer you go on the OC :D
  23. ^ but too high is also a bad thing. If it has too much voltage it won't be stable either.
  24. ph no doubt im just stating that initially it looks like he needs more voltage..i didn't say put it at 1.9v cause thats not good lol
  25. :lol: i probably would put it at 1.9v xD
  26. Ok. I set:

    400*8 with ram/fsb ratio 1:1, ram 5-5-5-15

    CPU Core Voltage - 1,42
    DDR Voltage - 2.2V
    CPU VTT Voltage 1.4250
    ICH 1,55
    MCH 1,45
    CPU GTLREF - 67%

    I run OCCT Linpack test for 1h and it didn't show any errors so it's a good sign, right? (with VTT 1,35 and MCH 1,41 it failed after 30mins)
    The temps compared with Prime95 were insane though - up to 79C on the hottest core. But usually 74-75. Later on I'll try running Prime95 for 2-3h and see how it works.

    If it'll be ok, I think i'll try lowering the Core Voltage to relax on the temps.
  27. Wow. I don't go over 63C when i run prime95. =P

    And sounds like you might be getting it, if you lower it and it crashes you know what that means right? xD
  28. Damn... I was playing GTA 4 and my computer suddenly shut down. Without even a warning. And later it didn't even want to start. I had to reset the bios.

    Damn what could that be?

    Maybe I just should stick with the 3,0Ghz for now?
  29. what kind of cooler are you running on your CPU????

    cause anything above 70* on full load is bad territory as far as temps go in degrees Celsius
  30. Scythe Mugen 2 rev. B
  31. something is up because that is a massive cooler and about twice the size of the one Gekko Shadow is running (Zerotherm) but yet he sees way lower temps than you are.

    you make sure that your case has good ventilation and that the thermal compound was applied correctly and so on?
  32. I'm thinking about applying the termal paste again. But I did it correctly as far as I know. And about the ventilation - my case is too small and that might be the cause of the temps.

    But what about this shut down? What could that be? CoreTemp showed 64*C max while playing GTA 4 so not that bad.
  33. take your side pannel off and stick a house fan on their and game for a lil bit...if it does not shutdown then you have found your issue.

    CPUs will usually shutdown automatically when they overheat but 64* C isn't close enough...i have seen 980X 6cores reach 94*C and keep benchmarking but we are not talking about those that was just an example.

    try some Arctic Silver5 thermal wonders for me :D
  34. Arctic Silver5 - this is the thermal compound I used.

    Ok - but is It safe to set those settings again and run prime95? I mean I don't want to break anything...
  35. Artic Silver 5 mate! :)

    And tx-jose is right lol - i use a much smaller cooler with a 92mm fan but keeps my temps under 64C with prime95. Maybe yours is time for a cleanup xD.

    And i ALWAYS use artic silver 5 xD.

    And you should be able to push to 3.3ghz at least. I think you just might need more beef :lol: psu power? xD is that what you are using? a 450w?? :O
  36. Yep - I use Chieftec 450W.
  37. x2 on what gekko said.......deff give your system a thuro cleaning!!! dust in your heat sink reduces its efficiency and their for it wont cool as well. their is no reason you should be seeing those temps on a OC like that lol.....
  38. Yep - I use Chieftec 450W. And i have just cleaned my computer very thoroughly :) (sorry for double post)
  39. try the house fan trick i told you about...if your system sees drastically lower temps then you PC Case is to blame for you high temps...

    are you sure that 450W is enough?? maybe thats what caused the shutdown?? i know Gekko has a 750W 80+ silver PSU on his Q8300 but he has more hardware that requires a bit more power lol
  40. wow. I use a 750watt and that wasn't enough for me, course i have ALOT more stuff plus my 2 x 460's) but =P i think you need a psu upgrade mate xP
  41. Well I don't know if it's enough. But here's what I'll do. I'll take my side panel off, set those settings again and run prime for ar least 2h and then play some games and let you know how it worked.

    If it fails or shuts down again - I'll stick with 3.0Ghz until i get a new PSU and a case with better ventilation.

    And thanks for your help guys :)
  42. Awesome, lets us know how that works out - and i would recommend a 650w minimum (future proof for another hard drive or something :lol:) and maybe corsair x)

    And you usually need to run prime95 for say a good solid 24 hours to say you have a stable STABLE system. :lol: there's stable - and then there's "stable" xDD

    But do that and good luck! :)
  43. Ok. I run prime95 with exactly the same settings as for OCCT and after a bit less than 1h I got:

    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
    Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

    And worker 2 stopped. BUT the temps were much lower - the highest noted was 65*C. Will try bumping up the Core Voltage from 1,42 to 1,44 or 1,46. (but tomorrow)

    Oh and one more thing - is CPU VTT Voltage 1.4250 and MCH 1,45 high enough? Because if I want to set VTT higher I have to raise MCH too and I don't really know the limits on those.
  44. the highest noted was 65*C danger for your CPU don't over 60C
  45. henydiah said:
    the highest noted was 65*C danger for your CPU don't over 60C

    70* C is where you start to push the barrier of what is safe for a CPU under full load
  46. yeah, The max core temp on your chip is 70C it 65nm sorry...
  47. ^ :lol:

    hell push that cpu to 90C and it'll still live - just not for long XD

    No but temps hitting 65C are ok, 70C still ok, over 75C whoah start looking for a new cooler or start thinking about water cooling xD.
  48. Ok. I've decided that OC'ing this 200mhz probably won't make a difference in games so I tried at least 3,3Ghz. Here's what I set:

    366*9 with ram/fsb ratio 1:1, ram 5-5-5-15

    CPU Core Voltage - 1,46
    DDR Voltage - 2.2V
    CPU VTT Voltage 1.4250
    ICH 1,55
    MCH 1,45
    CPU GTLREF - 67%

    And it failed almost instantly giving me
    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.

    I set FSB 412*8 and CPU Voltage to 1,48 and had the same error. So do you have any ideas what else can I do to make it work?
  49. Anyone?
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