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Wepprotectionmicrosoft browser hijacker-anybody seen it before?

Customer's computer came in with a browser hijacker virus I havent seen before
when you try to go online it redirects to "wepprotectionmicrosoft" and gives you server not found error
I checked the hosts file and removed an unnecessary address
I checked the registry
I researched online and just came across BS paid virus removers
on website had manual instructions to remove which I followed
but they wanted to sell their software package so the instructions are suspect

I installed malwarebytes and am now in process of full scan
with 6 objects showing so hopefully that will fix it

but I was hoping somebody has seen this before

malwarebytes,symantic and mcafee sites do not have any help matter on this virus
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    it sounds like a Scam site.

    Make sure you check for root-kits using TDSSKiller available free (works on 32 and 64 bit systems) from Kaspersky.
  2. thank you
    I will try that
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  4. I used TDSSKiler like Emerald suggested and got rid of one worm
    Then I used Mcafee Avert Stinger which is free
    and got rid of one trojan

    Both of those got past Nortons 2011 and MalwareBytes

    just goes to show you can never do too many different type of scans

    Thanks Emerald
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