10k IOPS vs 50k IOPS

I'm fairly new to SSD performance and I was just wondering how large the performance difference between an SSD with 10k IOPS would be compared to one with 50k IOPS, both given the same sandforce controller and read/write speeds.

The real underlying question here is should I go ahead and purchase an 64-80gb SSD that has 40-50k IOPS or wait for the new Onyx 2 that is coming in 120gb but with only 10k IOPS.

I really only game, mainly world of warcraft and starcraft II.
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  1. An intensive gaming workload is unlikely to go over 500 IOPS, let alone 10k.
  2. IOPS are only super important for server/enterprise applications. In a home PC there's not a whole ton of it.

    The question, tho, is you're considering 80gb now but 120gb later? That's going to be a big price difference. You could get 120gb now... Maybe a Mushkin Callisto Deluxe or Corsair Force 120. Intel X25M 80gb is a solid performer, getting a little old now but still excellent. Intel will be releasing new SSDs early next year (got delayed, would have been late this year).

    So anyway, anything Sandforce or by Intel is pretty good... I found with my 80gb SSD, after OS and a bunch of apps installed I still had about 45gb free so you should be able to get WoW on there no problem.
  3. OCZ vertex 2 60gb are a steal at their price !
    Windows+few games+usefull program, you keep a nice 10gb free in perm and you are good to go !

    With the extra 100$ you are willing to invest on the 120gb version buy 2tb instead :)
    Small SSD + Huge HDD ftw
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