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I want to network my 3 home PC's wirelessly. I have had a wired network previously. I have been looking at wireless routers but they all seem to need a modem to hook into first..

"Once plugged into your modem, the router offers wireless 802.11b/g connectivity"

I DO NOT want to share my dialup internet connection, just files

Is there a wireless router that will do what I need? Am I out of luck or am I just being dense? Any help is appreciated. If clarification
is needed just ask

Thank You too much
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  1. Any Wireless 'router' will do the trick, ignore the the modem thing, as long as it has a router in it it can rout all ur files around.

    1)Plug it into the wall connect a computer/laptop with Ethernet cable (no need for cable after its setup)
    2)Enter wireless router config page (it'll have a address like or something depending on brand/model)
    3)setup wirless network, put a password on
    4)connect all computers/laptop(or w/e) to the wireless network

    wala done, works the same as a wired network (besides wireless limitations of course)
  2. When you setup the router, just set the WAN connection to a static i.p outside your LAN i.p range.
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