Using one mother board for TWO intel pentium 4 cpus.

I have two Intel pentium in my old computers. What I am wondering is....
Can I use two CPUs on one mother board to increase the processing speed?
If yes then can any suggest the best mother boards for that purpose?
What are the pros and cons if I am able to use the two CPUs on one mother board?
Thanks in advance
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  1. I don't think there are any dual P4 boards, but there are dual Xeon boards, although they are more expensive. Going with a dual or quad-core Core 2 CPU would be cheaper and faster.
  2. ^Agreed.
  3. Only some Intel CPUs are compatible with dual-socket motherboards.

    You'd be much better off with a Core i7 CPU,
    which has 4 cores + hyperthreading = 8 logical threads.

    Moreover, triple-channel memory bandwidth STARTS at 25,000 MB/second
    at stock settings, and goes up from there.

    If you really need multiple sockets, the Xeon line is now
    available with Core i7 architecture e.g. Xeon 5500 series:

  4. You can still get some used P2 and P3 boards and some xeon boards but I can't remember ever seeing a dual P4 board. Lots of dual AMD boards out there but you got to remember that these boards are primarily server boards. It would serve you better to get a newer dual or quad core board.
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