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What issues may I face in using an SSD to write streaming data. The data will be at about 30Mbps and I don't want to drop any of the data. There won't be an operating system but I'll be using my own interface.

How can I get the sustained write speed; not the average nor the peak but the speed at which no data will be lost. I can put a buffer in front of the SSD to allow for temporary delays but how big does it need to be?

Once the drive is full I will need to reformat or erase it (after reading the data).

The application is therefore different to a computer or server application.
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  1. You will not be faced with any problems, since the sustained write speed of the SSD is higher than your datarate. Plus there already is a buffer inside the SSD to facilitate the writing process or the reading process.
    So, if you really feel that it might be a problem, I'd suggest going in for a higher value SSD.
  2. Thanks.......that's what I believed. However we tried one expensive drive model that has sufficient internal buffer but we saw random delays over a second. We will try a different model of drive.
  3. If you have a good enough budget and your own equipment supports PCI Express slots you can try the RevoDrive from OCZ.
  4. Thanks alyoshka but it needs to be an external drive.
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