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Hello all

I was thinking of upgrading my computer awhile back, but someone mentioned to try and fill it up with more RAM and overclock the CPU to get a boost to save me some cash right now.

Ive got a E6600 (1.2 Core Voltage) and a ASUS Striker Extreme (1901 BIOS Ver)

Corsair 2GB CM2X-1024 6400
1.8V (running at 1.85 cause its the lowest the Striker would go)

Corsair H50 water cooler (Getting low 20's IDLE /// high 30's LOAD @2.4)

My goal is 3.6 right now...

Since I'm jumping up small can I just up my FSB to 400 to obtain the 3.6? Or do I have to mess with the RAM's stuff too still? Iv'e been reading guides and such but it's still abit confusing. I know this has prolly been beaten like a drum but I was hopeing mabey someone had a more straight forward (easier) anwser than some of these guides.

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  1. Hello again

    I'm reading the Overclocking guide sticky at the top here and its the best guide I've found so far. Thanks graysky !!

    Also whats a good stress test program to test my work after im done? When I said the VCore is running at 1.2V, CPU-z was giving me that number.

    Is this safe to start with or should I start with 333 FSB?

    FSB= 400
    1:1 = 400 MHz FSB = 800 MHz DRAM
    VCore , What should I start with? My limit is this 0.85 – 1.5V

    Memory Voltage (My mem says 1.8, but lowest for my MB is 1.85, I'm .5 over how will this effect me?)

    Also Iv'e read about what to AUTO, DISABLE , and to set certain stuff so when I raise the FSB the voltages don't follow suit and burn my stuff up.

    Any imput would rock, I don't want to damage my crap. Mabey my brand/type of MB and RAM together will create a unique situation that this guide isn't covering , just want to play it safe and get some opinions. Not knocking the guide, it seems pretty complete just want to make sure thought.

  2. CPU is not sop easy to burn because of a high overclocking setting. If you can set it too high then your computer just want boot and you may have to reset the CMOS. So experiment with the overclocking settings it is the only way to learn how to do it.

    Overclocking requires lots of trial and error and time. Read an overclocking guide first and then begin from a considerable safe setting and slowly you will reach your target. You have to try many combinations of voltages, memory timings, multipliers and stuff. Besides this is all the fun :) Good luck!

    By the way I have the same processor with Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 mobo and I had my CPU overclocked to 3.6 GHz (FSB:425) for over a year until my memory died. From then I cannot exceed 3.4 GHz... Maybe my components life comes to an end...
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