Gigabyte versus every other mobo maker

i have been shopping for a new mobo and i have come across gigabytes's new mobo tech that uases 2 oz PCBs and ultra durable 3

What are PCBs? printed circuit boards?<- what is that?

I was wondering what the benefits were from the 2 oz PCBs and what it does?

thanks for any replies
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    PCB, Google that.

    As for the 2Oz Copper. It's just marketing. Won't really affect much unless going under LN2,etc with 2v+ to the CPU.
  2. PCB = Printed Circuit Board

    the extra copper helps to dissipate heat faster

  3. ^True, but most good brand name makers already use Japanese caps these days. I have yet to see one SOLID review of the 2ox copper cooling the board better than the normal say P45-DS3l vs P45-UD3L.
  4. so are they used in high end builds like with phenoms and i7s?
  5. I think Gigabyte is using the 2 oz. copper with all their current boards. I have an EP45-UD3L, which is hardly a high end board.
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