RAID 1 damaged

i have a new pc from less than 1 month with a 1TB Raid 1 .
Just now i see the the intel matrix storage console saying to me the RAID is damaged and HD 0 is in error. it's suggested to change the HD!! do u know if have any other chance to recover? How can i check deeper the situation?
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  1. First, try resetting the drive to "Normal" using the intel matrix management console. Sometimes the controller sees an error, when none exists. If the HDD continues to 'fall out" or show an error, install another HDD with the same specs as the original, and then rebuild the volume in intel matrix management console.
  2. 1. Put the failing disk in another PC without RAID
    2. Download HDTune and use it on the disk; check the Health tab
    3. Post a screenshot of the Health tab, which shows the SMART variabels.

    Particularly these are important:
    - Current Pending Sector (bad sectors that are not fixed and very dangerous)
    - Reallocated Sector Count (fixed bad sectors)
    - UDMA CRC error count (cable errors)
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