Pump for huge heater core used as a radiator for 200mm fan

Im looking at using the heater core at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000C89OU2/ref=ord_cart_shr?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER in my coolermaster storm sniper on the top or side 200mm fan but im having trouble deciding what pump to get. My budget is already stretched pretty tight on this one but im looking at getting an mcp600 since ive read that it has a bit more head then the 650 and i just want to know if it will be enough to push a loop that goes (pump - cpu/gpu [in parallel] - heater core - pump)
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  1. You would be fine. I had a heater core very similar to that (it was something like a 8"x10" Chevette heater core) and I ran it with an old MCP350 pump...worked great. Isn't the MCP600 the predecessor to the MCP650? I am wondering if there were issues with it (like there were with the MCP350) that were corrected with the new model. Where did you find that pump? Ebay? A closeout sale?
  2. Its from ebay and i already checked that it was the fixed model. Thanks for the information :)
  3. Not a problem, hope it works well for you...I always like seeing the budget/alternative parts builds. Heater cores work quite well, but its a toss up on money vs. modding the case and core to fit and work. Great if you love DIY...which is why I tried my luck (which was good) with heater cores.

    BTW...what all are you cooling in the loop?
  4. phenom 2 955 and 2 radeon 5770s
  5. You might consider another heater core, but hard to say...I'd bet it is better at heat conduction than a WC rad due to thicker materials

    Dimensions say 12.75" x 9.75" x 4.25". That is a decent size heater core for a rad...you might be ok...it's pretty thick....10lbs...??? WTF.... I'd be curious to hear your load temps...please post back.

    Good luck.
  6. l make a full post , and if i find my camera ill take some pics

    And should 1 liter of coolant be enough to fill this setup ?
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