HD 4870 X2 PSU Requirements?

Hi, have just bought a pretty decent gaming rig and I am experiencing problems with the graphics card, 3 times now when I boot up it has said "Error, Unable to overclock CPU" on the BIOS Screen, I am using Windows Vista and it is very Unstable especially when running Crysis Sandbox Editor. I think that this is a PSU related problem because even when I underclock the CPU it still experiences problems.. The computer is using two SATA II Hard drives, 6GB of DDR3 RAM and a 2.6Ghz i7 CPU. When I custom built it, I was told that a 650Watt PSU was adequate and that 1000-1500W was overkill. I somehow doubt that.

Could you please tell me what the problem could possibly be, and if it is the PSU, what Wattage PSU would you recommend?
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  1. 650 is adequate, but only if it is an extremely good quality 650. All 650s are not equal. Which 650 do you have?

    For that rig, honestly though, I'd go with something like this:


    That is, unless you plan to crossfire, and add a second 4870x2 in the future. In that case, get this:

    I'm running that second PSU with 12 gigs of RAM, a highly overclocked i7, and a pair of 4870x2s, and it is absolutely rock solid. It is definitely a great power supply.
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