Not up to par: AMD phenom II x4 945/nvidia gtx 260 core 216

I recently finished my first build and was expecting good things from my system:
AMD Phenom II x4 945
Gigabyte Ga-MA790XT-UD4P
G. Skill 4 GB ddr3 1333
Nvidia GTX 260 Core 216 superclocked edition
Maxtor 6l300S0 300gb 1.5gb/s HD
Corsair CMPSU 850tx power supply
Vista Home Premium 64bit
i had originally bought a computer from cyberpower 4 years ago. after its performance deriorated i decided to reuse some of the components and build a new computer.
The problem that i see with the computer is the lack of performance that i get, i ran several benchmarks
PerformanceTest 7.0 score: 493.57 (a terrible score when compared to someone with the same components gets a score of 3007)
When i play CS source (a very simple game graphically) i get 30-40fps... i am really not sure what is the cause for the lack of performance when i invested so much money in this system.
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  1. something wrong with setup, software related mostly, updated drivers, use a software program like tuneup utilities etc, I have a 2nd computer in other room with similiar specs, ill run it see whats normal for it....
  2. CPU or GPU overheating might lead to throttling speed
    check whether the CPU is seat porperly
    i guess the GPU is just fine...
    do u have tons of software running behind the screen ?
    or post a task manager screen shot for us
  3. did you use a fresh install of windows?
    something is defenitely wrong
  4. Do you have an up to date BIOS? I get the feeling you don't and your Phenom is running severely underclocked.
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