Physical memory increase tool in xp

i want to increase physical memory 2 t0 4 gb
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  1. And???
    Add a new RAM Module to the existing lot, if you have any RAM slots on your mobo which are left unused.

    If it's a laptop, then get another SO-DIMM matching with the already existing SO-DIMM module in the laptop...

    To check what RAM is being used without opening the case download CPU-Z from and check the Memory and SPD tabs....
    That will tell you the make , model and timings of your existing RAM modules....
  2. tapash said:
    i want to increase physical memory 2 t0 4 gb

    Supply the missing information!
  3. To add memory, you have to buy more and install it. Perhaps you are thinking of some of the old worthless memory "doubler" programs and apps from years gone by. They were worthless then, and if any are still around today, they are still just as worthless.
  4. my system has quadcore processor,intel dg41ty mother board,windows xp
  5. Your M/B uses DDR2 memory, I'd suggest going for a DDR2 800 matched set 2 X 2G = 4G My Recommendation
  6. Super glue some extra 2GB stick to your board x)~ :lol: no don't do that! XD

    go with what 4ryan6 stated - use 2 x 2GB sticks of DDR2. x)
  7. I already bought 2gb ddr2 ram 800mhz but it still shows only 2gb but in mother board it is 4gb
  8. Then you're probably running either WinXP or WinVista 32bit operating system, you actually have 4G of physical hardware memory modules, but the operating system is reporting a lower amount, that's normal for a 32bit OP/SYS, a 64bit OP/SYS will show the full 4G of system memory.
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