Pc keeps restarting and freezing

hey :)

Here is my pc spec 1st:
Q6600 @ 3Ghz
4GB Ram @ 800Mhz
MB - Abit P45 (Dark Raider i think its called)
4870X2 GC - Not overclocked

this is my problem. i bought the last remnant for the pc the other day and it keeps either making my pc restart or freeze and i have 2 press the restart button. I have played the game about 10 times now and it keeps happening. This is what i do.

Playing at full screen 1920 x 1080 it keeps restarting the pc after the 1st battle when i fire the big gun, screen goes white and the pc restarts.

playing in window at 1920 x 1080 it goes thurther to the next cut screen and after it says loading the pc freezes, cant go to the task manager and i have 2 restart the pc. If i play the game at a different resolution in a window it still does the same.

I tried this with 9.2 catalyst driver and 9.3 and i have done the cash verifying and disk defragment as well and its done nothing.

Im pretty sure its a graphic problem because ive also done all this at defult cpu settings (2.4Ghz) and it does the same.

I have been on many sites and googled this a lot and it seems no1 has the same problem as me, they are just having slow frame rates which im not experiencing.

Guys i need help, ive played the 1st 5mins of the game over 10times now and its doing my head in lol.

Thanks :D:D
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  1. sorry i forgot to say as well that i have done a fresh install of Steam and i have installed the last remnant twice so its all new stuff!
  2. um...what psu do you have and what are your gpu/cpu temps
  3. i have a 700W psu and i know it isnt that because i have used voltage, current and watt checker on it, i plug my pc into that and it then into the wall so i know that my pc under full load is about 400W at most.

    The temps are good because i manually adjust the fan speed and on core 0 its 62oC and core 1 its 56oC so the temps are good.

    i personally think its a driver issue to do with the graphics but i could be completly wrong because everything ive done so far havent worked
  4. what does the vid card temp go up to? i know those x2 run very hot
  5. sorry the temps i gave were for the GC. they are 62 and 56oC when playing the game, i know this cause after the pc restarts i check because i thought that maybe its overheating but the fan speed is 48%.

    the cpu runs cool as well, because the side of the case is off. it ticks over at about 26oC and goes up to late 30's under load.
  6. sadly your not the only one who's facing this problem... i have the same problem too.. when i set everything at high except shadow to medium and gpu fan is at 40% speed still it happens..

    i got through the game playing on medium settings which i find a waste as i spend a load of money on my card.. checked temperatures for gpu 68oC and cpu they're both fine.. can't think of a solution here..

    i have another problem after upgrading from 2gb ddr3 ram to 2gb ddr3 x2 which gives 4.. my pc seems to hang randomly without a reason.. it hangs even when i leave it on idle..

    here are my specs:

    Intel E6750@2.66Ghz
    Sapphire HD 4870x2 2gb ddr5
    p5q3 asus motherboard ddr3
    2gb ddr3 x2 RAM
    500GB SATA HDD
  7. hey arcane_127

    thanks for the post. i will definatly give the game a go when i get my pc sorted. catalyst 9.5 wont even load on my pc so im going to do a fresh install and put that on and hope it works.

    one thing about your pc, with it keep hanging because of the memory, did you check that the voltages were right in your bios because my pc wont loads with 4gb of ran in all slots unless i increase the voltage but with 1 or 2 sticks, it works fine.

    dont know if that will help you at all :)
  8. I've got no idea... probably it's a faulty RAM.. well gonna get someone to check it.. anyways.. i'm still facing the same problem.. all high settings no lag.. but during the battle when someone casts something with alot of smoke or some kind of bomb my com restarts.. the only fix to it is to lower my graphical settings.. there's another part later in the game around beginning of disc 2 where a cutscene occurs which cause my com to restart no matter what i do.. so i had to skip that cutscene in order to continue the game.. bumppsss.. oh yeah btw.. i'm using vista ultimate 32-bit.. i'm clueless what's the main problem is..
  9. crap thats not good. im only usin vista premium 64bit. i dont use the disk when i play the game because its on steam. i mite try and play the game with the disks when i get my computer sorted
  10. ah btw.. i had sorted out the problem by installing the latest catalyst 9.5 driver for my gfx.. it works better right now.. not restarting on boms or smokes anymore.. been playing for more than 5 hours and everything seems to be fine.. it's on high settings except shadow on medium..
  11. ok thanks. i will give it a go. i installed 9.5 but it completly messed up my pc so i will need to do a complete reinstall but i will use 9.5 from the start and play the game with the disks as well :)
  12. ok thanks. i will give it a go. i installed 9.5 but it completly messed up my pc so i will need to do a complete reinstall but i will use 9.5 from the start and play the game with the disks as well :)
  13. yeah probably messed up with the drivers previously.. i was using 9.3 before this.. and it's bad.. yeah btw i don't think u need the discs to play.. i start my game using steam as well..
  14. ok thanks. i was using 9.3 as well and it completly messed up my pc. 9.4 was bad as well as it messed up all my steam games. hoping 9.5 is good.
  15. I too seem to be experiencing this problem, only mine is affecting every game at one point or another, some games the crashes are replicable others i havent figured out the spot that causes this issue, I am running 9.6, and any steam game that i launch will eventually reboot my pc. Any game that I play that isnt tied to steam, which i have quite a few, runs normally. current pc specs.

    Vista Home Premium x64 sp2
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @2.83GHz
    8.00 GB DDR 1066 Crosiar Dominator Xtreme
    Asus Maximus II
    VisionTek Ati HD 4870x2 2gb GDDR5 x2 in CrossfireX
    Antec 1200 tower
    Antec Quattro 1000w psu
    Zalman CNPS9700 120 mm LED Cooler
    LG HD-Dvd / Blu-Ray HD-R/RW BR-R/RW
    Sony Blu-Ray Oem
    Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB HDD x2 (raid 0)

    my ram, vga's and HDD/Disk Drives have cooling fans + 7x120 mm case fans with zone controlled airflow, 1x200mm case fan for cpu cooling

    My mem test shows no ram issues, HDD error checking = 0, no virus /add/ spyware, PSU = 100% nominal votages. VGA temps durring 3DMark 06 = 62 C at full load with fans at 55% 42 C idle on all 4 cores with a chage of 1 C - 2 C per core at most, CPU at 102 F at full load 88 F at idle

    cant figue this out. no hardware, power, over heating or memory issues. No issues with software and games outside of the ones attached to steam and yet, when i contact steams support they tell my it is a software/driver issue that they arent responsible for..... so... every game that i get from steam, it is the developers fault that it wont work with steam.... Anyone know a work around or fix for this?
  16. have you installed your games before you install major window updates like service pack.. catalyst and so on... coz i had problems with my game whenever i update my catalyst or a new service pack is installed..
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