Please help me find a MOBO replacement

Hi guys, I'm new here.

I've got a file server here with a bad MOBO. I'm looking for a replacment with the following:

Support or older Pentium 4 (Prescott 506) / DDR2 553 RAM
6 or more SATA connecitons
Onboard video.

Any suggestions? I've seen a lot of system boards on newegg but cant find one that will support the old cpu.
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  1. well this is due to the fact that p4's are considered dinosaur's but you might be able to use this board....

    SUPERMICRO PDSLE LGA 775 Intel 945P (Lakeport) ATX Intel Pentium 4/Pentium 4 EE/Pentium D/Celeron D Server Motherboard
  2. Thanks, ya I know they are old - but I'd also add that CPU performance has far outpaced application need in the office. No sence in replacing P4 chips.
  3. QUESTION: Does a P4 chip specificly need to be supported by a motherboard or will any 775 socket do the trick?
  4. the motherboard has to be p4 compatible in order to operate..... just because it is LGA 775 does not mean it will support all 775's..... the same thing happend to me back when I tried to upgrade from a pent D to a C2D....
  5. Ok, thanks. I knew I couldn't upgrade forward because of BIOS, but was unsure if I could downgrade.
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