Overclocking q6600 on P5K-Deluxe

Hello,can some1 post up a bio settings to overclock my q6600 G0 to 3 or 3.2Ghz STABLE PLEASE.

thank you
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  1. oh i have 550W psu, decent air cooling, 6G memory P6400
  2. Your best best is to read the over clocker's guide at the top of the forum. Even if someone did post an entire list of bios setting for you, there is no guarantee your system will be stable.

    I can tell you that board overclocks well, and with good case airflow and good cooling on the cpu, 3.2 and higher is all but guaranteed, once you know what your doing.

    Do some reading, and people here will have no problem answering your questions, if you have any.
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