New Build Help - RAID Drives not showing in Win 7

Hey -

I've recently just built a new rig...

Windows 7 Home
1 SSD for OS/Apps
2 1TB IBM Caviars set up as RAID 0

+ So I installed Windows 7 on the SSD with the Bios default of IDE configuration. Everything works fine.

+ In Windows, I install all the mobo drivers and utilities. Everything looks good.

+ I then installed my 2 Caviar HDD, went through the mobo manual's steps and changed the controller configuration to RAID, then used the mobo's onboard Intel Matrix storage manager to create my RAID volume. That appears to be a success.

+ I boot up, everything works except I can't find my RAID volume in windows anywhere. The volume shows up in device manager as working properly with no warnings. Disk management shows it as one disk, 1863 GB of unallocated space. It does not show up in my computer.

So, what am I doing wrong? Any help is more than appreciated. Thanks!


Looks like a common issue people are having but for the life of me I can't figure
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  1. Nevermind - stupid question - figured it out.
  2. What did you do? I have the exact same stupid question.
  3. go to disc manager and right click the drive to assign drive letter, etc. in Windows...
  4. yep, I figured it out already and all is well. Thanks for the reply.
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