Sharing files/printer through router + switch

My work set up is as such: cable modem --> wireless linksys router --> 8 port dlink gigabit switch

I have computers hardwired to the switch, but I also have some computers accessing the internet wirelessly through the router. Currently the wireless computers are not seeing the computers on the dlink switch. To make the network work initially, I designated the gateway IP on the linksys router to be Something I read about two devices on the same subnet having the same IP (router and switch trying to have

Am I making this too complicated, or is there an easy way to make the computers connected to the router and the switch be on the same network? Thanks for the help!

edit: few things I've thought:
Is there a way to assign the switch a static IP in the range? I couldn't log into a switch control panel.
Can I put the switch in the router's DMZ?
Finally, I thought about switching the order of the switch and the router and disabling NAT, but I think I would like to keep that enabled.
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  1. The router LAN address could be set to

    I do not think you switch is a managed switch so is not assigned an IP address.

    Assign an IP to the router.

    Set the range for the router DHCP server assigned addresses.

    Correct any static addresses the computer have to comply with your scheme.

    Restart each computer and run this command in a Command Prompt window to check the
    address assigned.

    ipconfig /all

    All the addresses should be in the range.
  2. Thanks so much for the help. Don't know why I thought the switch had it's own IP address. Everything is working great now!
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