Getting a Dump while doing data transfer on LAN!!

I have got a new system with below mentioned config.
AMD Phenom II X4 920,
Asus M3A78EM mobo with Galaxy GeForce 9800 gt 1Gb DDR3 GPU,
2 X 2 Kingston 2GB DDR2 RAM.

I have a broadband connection for my PC( which i plug in the LAN socket of mobo) and wish to share it with the other PC VIA mine.
So, I have installed another LAN card on the motherboard. We can very well play on LAN,
but when i try do do data transfer from other PC to mine, i get the WINDOWS SPECIAL :??: 'Blue Screen' Dump and the system restarts.
Also we are not getting the net on the other PC.
Is it Drivers problem or card problem or mobo?
Is there any BIOS update or so that i need to do for this mothreboard?

Also my net connection is to be for one PC, but i need to share it VIA mine with other PC.
Any solutions? Dont wanna go for a Router right now.
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  1. seriously, get a router.

    I cant see any reason not to.

    Why burden your new system with acting like a router when you can get them for pennies...
  2. boka04 said:
    Dont wanna go for a Router right now.

    Then you're boned.
  3. HEHEHE :) ....... Got a router!! :D
  4. Hurrah!!
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