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Hi New to this but here goes: I have recently change the battery on my dell 8400 (on advice from a former friend) And now the error message " we are sorry for any inconvenience, but windows did not etc etc. I have tried to boot from all the options and been into Bios and re set manufacturers settings, I have unplugged everything except keyboard maouse and monitor. It boots up past the dell logo and then the error and no matter what I select it keeps comingh back to this screen!!
Help please.
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  1. If you replace the battery with the old one, does it boot properly?
  2. acer0169 said:
    If you replace the battery with the old one, does it boot properly?

    No, it just does exactly the same, which makes me now think the battery was never the problem. I have since found the following information (my wife wrote down the original error message that prompted us to change the battery,but forgot to tell me!!)

    x300SE128mb BIOS
    P/N 113-A33406-100

    Me thinks this may be significant!! pity the wife didnt a week ago!!
  3. Hmm. Make sure your time is correct on the system clock (edit through bios) as this causes XP no end of trouble. You might also need to reset your CMOS.

    To do this you need to open the size of your case and locate a small jumper.

    There will be three pins, two of which are covered with a little jumper. It will be labels something like "CMOS" or "RST CMOS". If you can't find it, refer to your manual or look around online for how to reset your CMOS.
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