Help with overclocking athlon IIx4 630

I have gotten my rig stable at 3.6ghz now but the problem I am running into now and need help with is that my rig is stable with the memory divider at 333 wich gives me 860mhz but it becomes unstable when I set it to the 400 divider wich gives me 516mhz. I can not figure this out. the ram is rated for 1066 and will run 1066 with no CPU OC but when I OC the CPU then it will not run that fast anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My rig is as follows:

Mobo: asus m4a78l-m (bios 0705)
CPU: athlon IIx4 630
Ram: ocz reaper ddr2 1066mhz 5-5-5-15
corsair h50 cooler
GPU: saphire hd radeon 4850

Here are some screenies to help

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    The RAM you're using is made to work at those frequencies only in EPP mode.
    So before you move to OC anything, you'll need to change the settings in the BIOS to support EPP RAM, there is a tab there for DRAM support. Once that is enabled you'll get the speeds you need, plus , you'll need to boost the Voltages to 2.1V.....
    Then you'll get a stable build with good timings....
  2. thanks for the reply. I will look for what you said in the bios and give it a try.
  3. i found something in my bios that said epp, ach, app+ech, or normal. if i click the epp one it gives me 2 choices, either 1.9 or 1.7. I tried them both but it didnt help. DO you know anything about my bios so u may help me select the right setting. thanks.
  4. Have you tried the latest Bios version on the Mobo.... ?
    if not, install the latest version and see what new setting are available in it for your RAM Module.....
    Also there seems to be a certain compatibility issue between certain models of OCZ RAM and AMD, so to be on the safe side I'd like you to check the QVL and Modules supported by the AMD chipset and processor you have, it's available on their site.....
  5. i already updated to the latest bios and it didnt give me any new options. it was for the 6 core cpus. As for the ram compatability the ram I have is one of the 2 ocz models listed in their motherboard manual. The problem isnt that it doesnt work it just will not go up to 1066 when i oc my cpu. If i have my cpu at stock the ram will run at 1066. it does not make sense to me.
  6. Do u changed the RAM voltage?
  7. I just decided to under clock my ram and tighten the timings to 4-4-4-13-20 @ 857 mhz and it actually gave me better results than having it at 1066 mhz @ 5-5-5-15-26 i think that i may have a problem with my IMC but not sure i was on 4 different forums and none of them could help me get it stable so i think that it may just be hardware related since that many people could not help. But a big thanks to whoever tried.
  8. i have tried to up the voltage a little but it did not work. I have found the problem and it was qouted here already about the epp settings. I found that if I had my ram at the 533 divider ( which is in epp mode) then it would unlock settings for my ram to allow the clocks to go higher but when I set my ram to any other divider(200, 266, 333, 400) then all those extra higher settings would disapear and it would no longer allow me to run my ram at the higher frequencies. I have seached and searched for a way to unlock the epp moder all the time but can not find anything on my motherboard. But thats ok I will be updating to a MSI 890FXA-GD70 around christmas time with either 3 5850 or 2 6870 dont know yet but i am really excited.
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