Help w/ overclocking DDR2 PC800 memory..

Currently I have 8GB (I know.. a little excessive) RAM, with 4GB from G.Skill (5-5-5-15) and 4GB from OCZ Gold (5-5-5-18) in my core2duo system. All memory modules now run at 5-5-5-15. I'm currently running my core2duo E6600 OC'd to 3.5GHz (390FSB x 9), and I'm looking to start overclocking my memory. Memory is running at 2.1V with heatspreaders and a ram cooler. I also do have the option to unlink my memory from the FSB.

With the system that I currently have now, what steps do you think I should take when overclocking my memory?

I was thinking about lowering the timings for 4, and then making sure I'm stable. If so, try to squeeze as much MHz as I can from the clock frequency. Does this seem do-able?

If there is any more information you need from me in terms of computer hardware or specs, let me know as I have no problem retrieving that for you.

I'm really new to memory overclocking, so any information, even if just a little bit, would be greatly beneficial. Thanks!
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  1. U won't see a big performance increase with RAM overclocking unless that u cant set the RAM to 1066 and CL4
  2. what is your fsb:ram ratio? You might not need to OC your memory.

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  3. whats the exact setting here;c2d e7500,msi g31 chipset,2pcs. 1gb ddr2 pc-6400 cl6 dimm kingston,. . . . OC and memory timing plz. . . . Help dnt knw wat to do
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