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Hi guys,
Actually kinda new to graphics cards. I am planning to buy imac 24. core2 duo 3.06 ghz , 1tb hard drvive and there are two options for graphics card. ATI Radeon HD 4850 and Nvidia Geforce GT 130. I am having problem in selecting between the two graphics card as I might use imac for some heavy gaming. Kindly suggest....
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  1. Go for the HD 4850. But if your going to be gaming your making a huge mistake getting a mac. They don't support many games even when they are running windows. You should build yourself a gaming pc. I can tell you from experience for the money you spend on the mac you can get a pc that has alot higher specs and is much more capable of doing what you want:)
  2. +1^
    If u want to play games,then go for a PC,because games for OS X arent very much and also a PC will cost cheaper,don't buy a MAC for gaming.
  3. Anytime the phrases "Mac" and "heavy gaming" appear in the same sentence, the word "not" or similar must also be used. I do not see this. Please correct.
  4. rav3n is 100% right, DO NOT buy a mac if u plan on gaming
  5. DO NOT BUY THE MAC!!! I am actually Apple Certified and have seen a lot of the 20 inch versions of the new iMac. We've got 150 or so of these, and so far have had a decent amount of problems. I work for a school district, and my boss in fact said he is not buying another 20 inch iMac. Heating issues, computer sometimes shut off at random, Apple claims replacing a cable may resolve some of this, but a lot of the time, if you need say a logic board replacement, you are looking at almost the price of the machine for repair.

    So in short, do not get that iMac. If you want to game, get a pc. Again, this is from someone who actually has their Apple Certification.
  6. well u guys kinda scared me ....... but hay well thanks alot for saving my pocket.
  7. 4850. And why are you buying an iMac??? Have you never heard of a Hackintosh??? 10 times cheaper and WAY better.
  8. im apple certified. If you have a problem with your imac they are a real pain in the ass to repair believe me
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