Raid 0, what options are there for the rest of the space?


I have recently changed hardware and also raid controller. This meant I had to move all my data to a "normal" hdd, because I had to rebuild the array. So I figured I would only make new array as large as the OS would need and then have the rest as jbob or something. But when I make the array, raid 0 over 2 hdd's, I can't see the remaining unpartitioned space in windows disk manager. I tried to make jbob's from the raid controller but it wants min. two drives and when I did that it said something about there already was a logical disk. Propably meant the raid 0..

So is it not possible to have a raid 0 on a part of two hdd's and use the rest of the space "outside" a raid setup, so I don't have to move the data next time?

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  1. It would be useful to mention the RAID controller you are using.

    But only the Intel controller, as far as i know, can make multiple RAID sets from the same disks. For all other controllers; a specific disk can only be part of one array. Not part JBOD and part RAID0, for example.
  2. As far as I can figure, it is an AMD SB850 controller. I don't know if it is correct, but that is how it is referred to in the manual..

    It is an onboard controller, the motherboard is a asrock 870 extreme 3.

    But I don't think it has any options for what I want, so I am considering your reply a final answer. Thank you.
  3. AMD is one of the 'normal' onboard RAID; basic RAID capabilities. So that ansers your question: one disk can only be used for one RAID array; not multiple.

    Intel MatrixRAID can do what you want, but then you would need an Intel chipset.

    Besides the AMD chipset RAID, you can also consider using Software RAID instead. This won't be bootable, but may have better performance; test it out if you like.
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