Videos (avi/cinematics/Flash) run slower with new card?

Hey guys,
I went from a Radeon 9600 to a Powercolor HD3850 512mb GDDR3 AGP a few weeks ago.

For some reason all the videos played on my computer now have an awesomely low frame rate of close to 1 or 2 frames per second when played in fullscreen. This includes ingame cinematics, avi files and flash movies played in my browser.
If I resize the video to really small its fine, but seeing thats its so small its barely watchable... Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have a AMD64 Opteron 175 Dual Core (2.2ghz) with 3gb ram. My PSU is a AlphaPower 650w.
The dual core I got a week before the card, but at that point my videos played fine so I doubt its my CPU, on another note it runs on about 55c is that very high? I have a Zalman heatsink on it.

In case someone says "update your card driver" read the following please;
It might have been a mistake to buy a powercolor card since it was one hell of a struggle to get it to work properly, the provided driver on the cd-rom barely worked and none of the ATI drivers online reconised the card.
In the end I had to download the driver from the Powercolor website itself, let my mobo run the card at 4x even though it supports 8x and turn off fastwrite to prevent it from freezing Windows every 15 minutes.

Any suggestions are apriciated caus I have no clue what to do about this...
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  1. EDIT: also which might relate to the same problem of my card not functioning properly: Newer games I previously was not able to play work fine with the new card and cpu, but older games that I used to play on my lower spec comp still have the same framerate on the same low settings??
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