PSU for gtx 295

Hey ive currently got a 9800gx2 and im thinking of upgrading to a GTX 295 soon and i was wondering if my thermaltake toughpower 850w psu could handle it - unsure of how amps work over multiple rails apparently i need ~40a but each +12 rail only has 30a :heink:
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  1. you should be fine but i have no specs for you pc to make sure you wont bottleneck the cpu with that gpu. that is the main problem with the gtx295
  2. Thanks for the response

    My system:
    Q9550 @ 3.5ghz /w Tuniq tower 120
    Asus P5N-D
    4gb ddr2 @ 990
    Windows 7 64-bit
  3. Yeah dude, it will run like a beast.
  4. Have fun your good to go
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