Question Regarding Adding Memory to HP Computers

I've installed memory before with no problems. However, I was about to order some memory from newegg, when I noticed a review that mentioned the particular RAM I was ordering didn't work in a specific HP model.

The motherboard I'm installing on supports PC4200 DDR2 240pin...standard stuff.

Am I not able to use any RAM module of that type? Do I have to use RAM specifically designed for HP computers?

This is the type of RAM I was ordering... Kingston ValueRAM 1GB

Even on Kingston's site, they don't list the HP model (a1710n) as being compatible with the RAM I was originally getting. Instead, the sites states to use... Kingston HP specific

I'm aware of companies requiring specific components, but don't recall coming across memory specific. Maybe it's related to a timing issue...?

Thanks all.
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  1. It could be related to timing, density, etc... I had an old Compaq laptop that couldn't use memory that was too fast or too dense (but this was PC-100, not DDR2).

    I want to say that DDR2 memory should be standardized enough to be supported, but you're talking about maybe $8 difference in price (when counting the lack of free shipping on the HP-sepcific). To me, its worth the $8 to get something that says it is supported. Otherwise, you could get the unsupported memory, and risk having to return it, incurring a restocking fee.
  2. Valid point. I don't mind spending a bit extra to not have problems later.

  3. Voltage is probably a major concern, some memory requires more voltage than others.
    If you buy memory that requires more voltage than the HP is set for, it won't work.
    I doubt there are any options to change the voltage in the HP bios.
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