Best video card for a 19" to 21-22" wide screen

i noticed on the charts 3 tests for video cards the smallest one is the 1280*1024 resolution (which are more pixels than a wide screen..meaning a wide screen should be even faster)
and there some video card perfom kinda the same in low resolutions and then the difference starts to be noticed in highers..
i would like to know.. whats the fastest, stable and best looking (quality on the screen.. not the actual card) video card for 19-22 wide screen monitors..
i dont care if the nvidia gtx295 its awesomely fast in a 246971x9846561 resolution.. if my monitor (currenly) its only a 1440*900 and a 9800gtx+ is prolly as fast as the gtx295 in my screen...
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  1. Well the 9800GTX is not as fast as the gtx295 even in resolution 1024x768

  2. r u saying that the best video card for a small monitor is worth 500 bucks? thats crazy :S
  3. ferjero989 said:
    r u saying that the best video card for a small monitor is worth 500 bucks? thats crazy :S

    Off course not.
  4. For 1440x900 then I would say it's probably best for you to go with a Radeon 4850 or GTS250/9800GT/GTX+. At that resolution a 512MB card would be fine for now (you could get by is most games with high, though perhaps not very high, settings with a 4830), but I'd recommend going with a 1GB card as games are using up more and more vram. If you can spend a little more then I'd say look into a 4870 or GTX260, since the price has dropped so much on those I think it's worth it to pay a little more. If you get a monitor with a resolution of 1680x1050, then you should look into a 4870 1GB or a 260 sp 216, or at least a 4850 1GB. If you can afford it two 4850s, a 4850X2, 2x GTX 250s (aka 9800GTX/GTX+) are good options as is the 4890 and GTX275 if you get a 20/22" monitor with a 1680x1050 resolution and want to turn up the settings and eye candy. It's up to you and what you want to spend.
  5. GTX295 = 2x GTX260

    GTX260 > 9800GTX/GTX+/GTS250

    Get yourself two 8800GTs/9800GTs in SLi or two 4830s in crossfire.
    Or get one or two 9800GTX/GTX+/GTS250 or one or two 4850s.

    Or get a single 4870 or a single GTX260.
  6. so what would be the best video card for the money, for a 1990*400 resolution, i honestly dont think i will replace my screen for at least 1-2 years.... and by then i should have enough money to buy another card anyways.
    so.. what would be the best video card for the bang in a 1990*400 resolution all the eye candy enabled :)
    with my nvidia 8600gt 256ddr3 i can play l4d 1990*400 everything high and aa 4x, with occasional lag in very crazy moment,, and cod4 goes down to 20-30 fps (still playable) same as cod5
    but i want fluent play
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