I7 920 easy overclock for the acer m7720

I am sorry to say but until an accident 2 years ago where i lost my left foot i knew nothing about computers. I am trying very hard. but i have come unstuck i brought an acer m7720 and then put an antec 650w and ati 4870x2 as replacements or improvements. i would love to overclock my processer the i7 920 but i have no idea which mother board it has. can some please help me as i find it hard to get out and have limited funds. All i want to do is play fsx as best and well as possible. please if any one could help i would really appreciate it :cry:
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  1. Download CPU-Z from CPUID http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
    It'll give you the information you need about the Mobo, RAM and other stuff.
    Post the information here and we'll help you out.
  2. I think the bios is locked but there is a Modded bios out there to unlock Overclocking features but I would do it at your own risk.


    Or you can just purchase an aftermarket Motherboard.
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