Which fan is best for radiator?

which fan should i have for my thick swiftech mcr320-qp series radiator? swif2-120pwm fans


or these blue led aerocool shark 120mm fans?


not sure about aerocool sharks as a brand,but i know coolink is collaborated with noctua, so they make pretty much the same stuff, and i'm not planning on getting scythe gt's because i know firsthand about the clicking noise it makes.

if anyone knows about aerocool/coolink as a radiator fan, then please make a recommendation as to what fan should i buy. imo,aerocool sharks got pretty massive airflow for a excusable noise level,and it comes in 3 pin connector, even tho 4 pin pwm fans dont bother me much as i've got the tools to react on that
and aerocool fan's design looks pretty flimsy,but on the other hand,other sites give it consistent specs,where as coolink swif2-120p fan's specs from some sites differ from the other,such as the above link i showed u

listing 127cfm of fan at full,then this link


listing cfm as 75...two different sites giving TOTALLY different specs

so are anyone using any of these fans for their radiator or anyone who knows about radiator fans care to help me which rad fan i should pick out of these two? and once again,not looking into scythe gts,as the clicking was a nightmare to hear
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  1. Noctuas and Yate Loons......
    Those are from what we've heard and a million experiences the best fans for Radiators.....
  2. ace123 said:
    which fan should i have for my thick swiftech mcr320-qp series radiator?

    Huh ?
  3. ^+1 to delluser.

    Swiftech rads are known for being a better choice for mid-to-lower speed fans because of their fin spacing. This means less density, but better airflow between them...it's a small trade-off if you know what you are doing. I have 2 MCR320's (the regular flavor) and have been quite happy with them...price and performance. If you want to get the most out of them, refer to the fan charts and choose a higher CFM fan on the curve.

    Per Skinnee's page:
    The MCR series is a slim line of radiators, measureing only 34mm thick
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