Widescreen Pro's and Cons.(limited space)

Ok so heres the thing, I need anew monitor and am limited by the space available on the desk top.
Are there any real benefits to getting a wide screen Monitor as far as web surfing and playing games goes.
I know movies would suit a wide screen better but i dont use the PC for watching movies and i also dont use muliple aplications where having two on a screen would be usefull.
Im just a bit at six's and seven's with this and need a push in the right direction.
If i get a 19" 4:3 it fits in with my currant configuration. If i get a widescreen model i would have to change things around quite a bit for it to fit.
So basically is it worth the hastle of shifting everything about to fit a widescreen or does running a 4:3 not make mutch differance.
I have considered a 17" widescreen but that seems like it would be little bigger than a 4:3 15" hight wise and would just look rubbish.
Any input appreciated

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  1. If you have never used one then you will never miss it. That said i love widescreens: games, movies, windows, searching files, doing spreadsheets, it is all better. you can clip folders or toolbars to the side of the screen when your online and still have the whole webpage visible. For me it's just beyond convenient i recently broke my monitor and this 4"3 one is driving me crazy.
  2. I love the extra available space, but I also switched from a 19" 4:3 to a 22" 16:10, but I do like the widescreen more. But if you get another standard you won't go "damn I wish I had a 16:10..." because you've never had one so, you won't notice if you haven't used one. You'll be fine if you don't, possibly better if you do, it's your choice.
  3. Get a widescreen monitor only if it has at least 20" with a resolution of 1680x1050.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, Looks like im going for a 4:3 then :)

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