Fsx HP Pavilion Elite m9600t or Dell xps studio for FSX i7

I finally am willing to buy a desktop with an i7 processor. But i am not going to make one i just want to buy it. The 2 desktops that catch my eye was the HP Pavilion Elite m9600t and Dell xps studio (links below)

please can someone tell me which is better for flight simulator x


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  1. Hello,

    FSX is one of the most intensive programs (I wouldn't necessarily call it a "game") for the PC, and it is incredibly reliant on the CPU. Both of these offer the same CPU options (920 and 940), they have very similar memory options, have the same 64-bit OS'es, similar hard drives, etc., but being a flight simmer myself, I really would suggest getting the best parts that you can buy, and the 1gb video card in the HP will be beneficial over the 512 mb in the Dell.

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. well, i think you should build the machine yourself, it's really not hard, plus you might(should) save a little money doing it that way
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