Need help, computer stopped booting.

So I built a PC back in January, and it worked fine up untill about a week ago. Now, the system will not boot and the display remains blank but all the fans and LEDs on the MB come on. There are three LED lights on my video card (sapphire 4870 1gb) labeled D1601, D1602, and D1603 that flash red periodically.

Stuff I have tried:
I know the video card is fine since it worked in a friend's computer.
I swapped power my 500w power supply for a 700w power supply and that had no effect.
Reseating the RAM and double checking all the connections.

System Components:
MSI K9A2 Platnum Motherboard
Corsair DDR2 2Gb RAM x 2
Sapphire Radeon 4870 1Gb Video Card
AMD Phenom 2.6 Ghz Black Edition Processor.

Any thoughts or suggestions of things to try? It makes me want to cry that my new box is a really expensive paperweight right now.

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  1. Looks like MB rma time....
  2. Did you try another monitor?
  3. croc said:
    Looks like MB rma time....

    Woa, slow down a little. How can you suggest doing an RMA on the motherboard without any troubleshooting at all?

    I'd go through this checklist:

    A computer not posting can be any number of things. Don't blindly RMA the motherboard until we narrow the problem down to it. A lot of booting problems I've seen are RAM related. You didn't list your PSU either. If you replaced a POS 500W PSU with a POS 700W PSU then you may not have eliminated the PSU as the problem. What PSU's did you use. I believe the red lights on the GPU suggest a lack of power.
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