I've got a 3 x 2gb set of pc3-1500, advertised to run 8-8-8@1.65 and clock to 1866

No matter what I try with the timings and voltage I can't get it past 1400mhz.

Im running a i5-750 w a gigbyte p55a-ud4p mobo.

Anyone got any ideas as to how to get this ram up to speed. I've tried removing the ram and trying with 1 stick at a time etc, no luck.

Thanks for taking the time to read this I hope someone can help!
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  1. your mobo support Dual Channel , first, remove 1 RAM from mobo, set RAM firt auto SPD by JEDEC Don't do Set other except SPD RAM, don't over voltage RAM, and than Boot, restart again BIOS, NBfid 1400MHz + increase NBVid save setting, Boot again. I hope you found Lucky
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