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Hey guys,

I had what I thought were issues with downclocking my gtx295. I installed the latest drivers today from nvidia's site (solid 3-400 increase in Pmarks on vantage btw) and had a question regarding what downclocking actually was. I'm noticing for the first time when I open evga precision tuner that the core clock and shader clocks actually go down below where they are set when i'm not playing games? I feel pretty stupid for not noticing this before...but I assume that the clocks are actually supposed to go down when not in 3d apps. I am now seeing my temps move toward more acceptable levels at idle (was 63-64 idle before). So is this what the card is supposed to do? :??:

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  1. Yes its fine its kinda like a power saving mode, Some people use profiles for thier GPU. ATI tray tools for example lets you set differant performance profiles and so its possable to have lots of differant performance or power settings profiles to use depending on what you are doing.
    Some people like to set a profile in which the card is clocked lower than the clocks that would be set in this power saving mode. This is done in order to save more power and put less wear on the card. Is it worth it, i personally dont think so, but that is what i would consider to be down clocking the card. Other settings could be the fastest the card could go with things like AA/AF at a minimum and then you could have a Max Quality setting.

  2. <agrees also not all cards benefit from down clocking like the HD4670 you could have safe more electricity by switching off the light but that card of yours definitely needs it.
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