I have to remove a floppy drive from the case i am building a new system in (info in signature), because there isnt anywhere for it and i can't find adapter cables to make it work. The case already has a multi media card reader. What other kind of 3.5" internal storage/media devices -either sata or usb- could i purchase (other than another multi media card reader) to replace this one?
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  1. Tons of hard drives are in 3.5" format. Fan controls, LED lights, audio controls, ...



    Heck make a mini sliding tray for it so you can put in a cup holder. You an only use your CD Drive for that so much before it becomes a cliche.
  2. LOL! i wish it were that easy. Going to check your links. First time building a new board. i've only done rebuilds to legacy models. the Dell P3 i rebuilt in my office a few years ago is going to get an upgrade; now that i know how easy it is to put in a processor. Or, i will probably just replace the board if i can't upgrade it - have to look at it again.

    i don't need additional hard drives for the desktop since i use eGo externals for different things; i have a 1TB external USB just for this system (for backup, tranferring files to other PCs, etc). But i don't want a big gaping hole in the front of my case, so i want to fill it w/something i can use. Thanks.
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