OC, Crash, Blue Screen Loop.

I have a i7-920 that I had overclocked to 3.31ghz and running Win7 64bit. The core voltage was 1.30 with a 1.30 QPI voltage and 1.66 DRAM voltage. I had only recently decided to overclock my machine and had run Prime95 for 30 minutes to check stability before locking in this overclock. A few days later I was using photoshop and the computer crashed.

I went back to BIOS and reset the system to default setting to try and reboot but I got an error saying that windows couldn't boot. I rebooted again and ran check disk, as well as launch recovery. Checkdisk repaired some corruption but launch recovery found no errors. I then rebooted and after the windows starting animation finishes I get a really quick blue screen. I can't read the screen but its different then a regular blue screen because it only takes up the top left quarter of the screen.

I don't think it was a heat problem because i have 6 120mm case fans and a Scythe Mugen-2 cooler. Any ideas?
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    Odd, but sounds like maybe a RAM issue. Those voltages seem high for only 3.3ghz, but they're within the "safe" range. I doubt anything would have been burned out. So, yeah, right now I'm thinking it's a RAM thing... double check the current RAM settings, try lowering the speed and see if that works.

    Otherwise, you can always just reset your CMOS.
  2. I've tried lowering my RAM speeds to 1066mhz even though its rated at 1333mhz and loosening up the timings to 9-9-9-24. I still get the same blue screen. I'll try and reseat the ram and see if that helps.
  3. Hm oh you know what, might be that the HDD settings are wrong. If you had it on RAID or AHCI, when setting to defaults it probably went to IDE. Check it out. Hopefully that's the issue.
  4. I ran Windows memory diagnostic and it came back clean.

    I took a video of the startup and then went back through frame by frame and managed to catch part of the blue screen text. It said:

    Stop: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

    The verificiation of a KnownDLL failed.

    What do you make of that. Seems to me like this is a windows failure that just happened to occur when I started to OC.
  5. I solved my own problem. I ended up just restoring to a previous drive image (system restore didn't work) and everything is fine. I guess that it crashed during an update or something.
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  7. Crazy! Well, glad you fixed it.
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