Core temps to high?

hi guys. i have a e8400 c0 version at stock speed. idle - the cpu temp is 27c the core temp 1 is 44c and core temp 2 is 48c. full load - cpu temp - 40c, core temp 1 - 60c, core temp 2 - 55c. i read a thread on how there is suppose to be a 5-10c difference between the cpu temp and the core temp but mines is about a 20c difference :??: . i tried real temp but the cores are still the same. could it be a heatsink issue? anything i should worry about?

any help would be appreciated.
thanks :)
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  1. How and where are you reading the CPU temp? On mine I get 44°C idle on both cores and 59-61°C under load.
  2. i use everest to get the cpu temp and realtemp to get core temps
  3. On a Core 2, you should only worry about core temps.
  4. never knew that. are the temps fine though or do i have something to worry about?
  5. I haven't worried about mine as the core temps are way below 90°C.
  6. as long as the core temps are under 70C i wouldnt worry ;)
  7. if your comparing idle temps to loads temps then yeah theres a 20c difference in your case. to answer your question there is a 5c difference between cpu and vcore.cpu temp being 5c lower than core temps.
  8. you said your max core temp was 60c underload. so your cpu temp is 55c. nothing to worry about enjoy your rig
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