Normal Motherboard Idle temp?

Today I installed a new Zotac 9600 video card on my self built computer. That all went well and all, but after i had it up and running, i checked my temperatures with Everest Home Edition, and i see that my motherboard temperature is at 40 C. I find this weird because before i had a PNY Geforce 9400 video card and the motherboard idle out at about 33-34 C. The Zotac Card does run about 5 C hotter than the old one, but should that really make the motherboard temperature go up a ful 6-7 C? My hard drive also is now idling at 35 C, when it used to idle at about 32. I have one case fan in the back blowing out, and my case has a big 250 mm fan on the side. My main question is, is 40 C too hot? When it boots its at about 32 C, but after about 5 minutes of being on it gets to 39, then eventually goes to 40.

My Specs are:
Asus P5Q motherboard
Core 2 Duo at 2.8 Ghz (idles at 34 C)
Western Digital Caviar 640 GB HDD

Thanks in advance
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  1. all temps sound normal
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