ATI Radeon 4650 problem

Hi,I have a little problem: I bought this graphic card (GigaByte HD4650 OC (GV-R465OC-1GI) 1GB, PCI-E)
and installed the graphic drivers from the CD. everything runs smoothly,but sometimes my screen becomes black for a few seconds and then it blinks and I get an error message:
everything runs OK then,but I don't like this thing.
I tried to get new graphic drivers,but that didn't help.could you please help me or tell me what's wrong?
Shall I give the card back to the shop?

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  1. That error thingy usually means that the gpu chip is being overloaded. Try lowering your video settings
  2. I am having the same problem hith the same card in a desk top PC. When I play Oblivion and the screen will blank out and then return and I get an error message. Sometimes I can play for an hour with no problem, but once the problem happens, it will happen over and over again. I noticed that after this happens a couple my hardware acceleration slide is moved to the left. Eventually it is moved over enough that the game can not play at all. The problem also occurs if my hardware acceleration is tuned all the way up and I scroll a web page up or down. I have turned down my graphics setting for the Oblivion game but it didn't help. As far as my web browser goes, I don't know what to change. Any help would be appreciate.
  3. I had the same problem (sorry for my English). Ive installed all the updates for XP, then i updated my drivers to top, but it doesn't work. BUT! I was installing drivers without ATI panel, only the driver. The last version of drivers on time of writing the post is 27/01/10- installing this helped the video to run for an hour, copmparing to 4 minutes before using this drivers. After being stopped again(DAMN), i ve decided to slow down the clocking of card in ATI panel- originally it was 650-400 MHz, then ive made it 400-400 and black screen of death dissapeared for ages. I had very much troubles with this, so i hope it would help somebody. Dont feel any differience in games.
    the only thing for thinking is the count of triubles with this card- like ATI_AMD cant create a stable hardware.
  4. I am having a problem with this same gigabite (GV-R465OC-1GI) 1GB, PCI-E). To me, well it just don't even allow the computer to puwer on at times and sometimes it opens nicely and wait for me to open a heavy app then the screen goes blank. for me i'm using an MSI board I just do not know if that could be a compatibility issue or what. if any one can come to front and suggest a solution that would be appreciated.
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