Windows 7 is only showing one of my HDs

I just got done building my first PC, I booted for the first time and changed my main boot up to my DvDRom drive to load up Windows 7. After Windows 7 loaded up I changed my boot drive back to my 80 gig SSD and everything is working fine.

However, I also have a SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB HD installed on the PC. However if I go into My Computer Windows 7 is only showing my 80 gig SSD and nothing else.

If I go into the device manager it shows my Samsung 500g HD and even says "This device is working". however if I go to install any program I can't choose any other drive to install something onto other than my 80 gig SSD, and obviously 80 gigs is not enough for all the programs I have, or music, etc.

What do I do to get Windows 7 to recognize my HD and let me install things on it?
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  1. Never mind... I went into my Device Manager and saw that during Windows 7 install it partitioned 100MB of my 500g HD for backup or what ever and then when I checked out the driver manager it showed the remaining 465gb as unallocated. I formatted the drive and set it as Drive F.

    I'm now able to install programs on my Samsung 500g HD!
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