Help with placing Audio connectors properly in their pins.

this is my case:

this is it's front panel audio connectors:

this is the motherboard's (GA-G31M-ES2C) manual about the front audio:

actual pic:

..because i cant understand the manual, i checked the net and came up with this:

so this is what i did:
My connectors doesnt exactly match the ones in the guide i checked out. Mine has only 1 GND and 1 "Mic-Bias" which is missing in the guide above.
I connected Mic-in in pin1, GND in pin2, Mic-Bias in pin3(because i have no other GND), pin4 no connection, spkout R in pin5, Return R in pin6, pin7 no connection, pin8 no pin, spkout L in pin9, and Return L to pin10.

i turned on my computer and front panel audio still wont work. what did i do wrong?
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  2. ...i have no idea regarding the audio your board is using "so i'm asuming its a realtek"

    ...your pins probably are AC'97 must disable front panel jack detection

    ...which can be accessed through the realtek hd audio manager

    ...under the Audio I/O tab, click the wrench icon"connector settings"
  3. thanks man, nothings wrong with my connection.

    just did what you said. thanks a lot.
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