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My producer needs to build a computer. He will be creating beats, recording songs, mixing, mastering, the whole studio deal. He needs a monster computer that when he has load of songs or programs on there he won't be struggling. I found a site that gives the breakdown but it is a bit older. You may want to check out the link which is:

Sections 004 and 005 are the specifics of the computer he built on that site. Can you help me build a monster without spending more than $2,000? Just send all specifics parts, model number,etc to my email
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  1. You are probably looking at some thing like this with your budget:

    Core i7 920

    6GB DDR3

    ASUS P6T or a GIGABYTE X58-UD3R (NON SLI version)

    A passively cooled 4670 or 4830 (assuming no gaming at full res or limited gaming)

    Good sound card + speakers (I can't help you with these, as I don't know much about sound equipment)

    2*640GB HDDs in RAID (and possibly a small 32GB or so SSD for a scratch disk for OS/programs)

    Corsair 450VX or other HIGH quality PSU.

    A good case like the Antec 300 or better with Yate Loon or other silent + good CFM fans.

    DVD RW, Bluray,etc.
  2. Thanks for your help. I really needed some quick help. I really appreciate it alot
  3. Do you need a mouse/keyboard/monitor as well with this build? Does he already have a PC he is replacing or starting over completely from scratch?

    Here is what I would build for your purposes:

    Asus P6T LGA 1366 Motherboard
    2x WD 1TB Caviar Black HDD's in Raid 1
    Passively cooled HD 4670
    Corsair 450VX PSU
    Lian Li Case (basic refined and professional looking case made very well)
    Vista Ultimate/i7-920
    Cooler: S1283v Dark Knight
    Optical Drive:
    Ram 2x6gb OCZ Platinum
    Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional

    So that's the tower...Peripherials:

    Should be under $2k. Since this is a studio computer, I advise you not to OC so you have maximum stability. If you can afford it, then upgrade the CPU to the i7-940:
  4. Thanks alot. He does needed the whole kit including, monitor,mouse,etc. I see you put that on there just in case. Also, he does have an old PC but we are just getting rid of it and starting from scratch. You are my kind of person because now I know exactly what everything is and i have a link. That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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