Mixing drives for RAID?

I am building a RAID 5 system for my computer. I have 3 Seagate 1.5TB (5900 RPM & 32MB Cache) drives and 1 WD 1.5TB (5400 RPM & 64MB Cache) drive. Any reason not to use the WD w/ the Seagate in the array, should I just use the 3 seagate drives in the array?

1 x Western Digital 1.5 TB Caviar Green SATA 64 MB Cache Hard Drive WD15EARS
3 x Seagate Barracuda ST315005N4A1AS-RK 1.5TB 5900 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s

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  1. You should be able to use all the drives in the same array without any problems. They're all similar sizes and speeds, so you won't be wasting any significant space or loosing significant performance on any of the drives.
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