Out of range going from 24in to 19in please help!

hi i just bought a pc and when i pluged it in monitor displays "out of Range"

Comp specs are
Asus mobo with no onboard video
4gb ram pc 6400( 800mhz)
Asus 9600gt
500w FSP psu
windows Vista ultimate 64bit

This computer is used and has previously been use on a 24inch monitor with high resolution
my monitor is Lg 19in with 2ms response time and max resolution of 1440X900

ive tried a smaller monitor but it said it doesnt support that resoloution

please healp what should i do?
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  1. i believe that the resolution set is too high for your monitor therefore not showing up. you can try booting into safe mode...that will start at a low resolution. from there you can either uninstall the video drivers so when you reboot back to windows it is at a lower resolution that your monitor supports then you can reinstall the vga drivers. that should work.
  2. Was the old monitor a CRT?
  3. old monitor was an lcd or so im told by the person who i bought it from. they said they ran it in the range of 1680x1050 to 19hundre something
    my monitor maxes out at 1440x900 and ive tried to boot in safe mode as well as all other modes it just comes back to out of range no onboard video so i have no idea how to get it back to low res now
  4. A 24" monitor native res is 1920x1200. What is going on is your res is set too high for your new monitor. I second going into safe mode and uninstalling the drivers ther reinstalling in reg mode.
  5. But for some reason even if I do that and any of the other selections vista display(it same for xp) and it gives the loading screen where the bar is moving in the center of the screen right after that it gives "out of range" and I can t do anything to it.
    i have an older ati x800xl that i could swap instead of 9600gt and maybe get it going that way?
    then unistall all the drivers and the nvidia control pannel and the install agoin maybe? oh the drives are in raid 0 if it maters becouse i though of putting them in another pc how ever that pc doesnt have raid zero so i wouldn want to mess to much with that.
  6. 1 more thing worth mentioning is that this pc was in sli mode aswell but i took that out since the psu wont handle it (it has max of 30amps on both 12v rails) +the pus doesnt have 2 pci-e connections.
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