Q6600 vs i7 920 GAMING?

I just built this rig on like christmas, so i think its far too early to build a whole new system espically when you didnt pay for it.

So i know the 920 is far more surpier in multiasking and video/photo rendering and stuff, but how about gaming? Would i see a huge increase in FPS?

I might just wait for the i5.
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  1. I7 doesn't perform much better than C2Q in games, in a few cases it actually performs worse. You'll only see a benefit in fps if you've got a multi gpu set up with SLI/Crossfire.
  2. Ahh interesting, i dont really do XFire since theirs always new cards released that will stomp two cards in XFire.
  3. i5 FTW! I already have a q6600, that's a beast OCer and gamer
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