Need Help Setting Up RAID 5 on Ubuntu

I recently got a little box running Ubuntu Server 10.04. It has a Jetway JNC92-330 motherboard with a 4x SATA daughterboard attached.

Ubuntu is installed and running fine on a separate hard drive connected to a SATA port on the motherboard, and I've tried plugging 4 2TB hard drives in through the daughterboard.

When the computer turns on, before Ubuntu boots, it gives me the option to create a RAID array, which I have done and it says it's active, but Ubuntu can't see it.

From what I gather, I might either need to install some drivers for the daughterboard (of which I can't find any) or set it up using fakeraid (which I'm not sure how to go about)

Any help in which direction to go, and how to go about it would be greatly appreciated, thanks :D
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  1. have you tried mounting the RAID?
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